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At Health & Co, our team comprises vetted and qualified practitioners dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest aesthetic advancements. Through continuous rigorous training, we ensure that our practitioners are equipped with the most innovative techniques. Our approach to treatments is unique and personalized, tailored to meet individual needs. With a combined experience of over 10 years, our world-renowned practitioners prioritize patient satisfaction, safety, and care. Trust and patient confidentiality are our unwavering priorities.

Dr Jordan









Dr. Jordan, Co-Founder & Hub Director

Dr. Jordan, a distinguished graduate of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Malta, has carved a niche in the intersection of medicine, aesthetics, and sports. His journey in medicine culminated in an M.D., paving the way for a diverse career that intertwines clinical expertise with aesthetic finesse.

Dr. Jordan’s passion for aesthetics led him to further his studies at prestigious aesthetic institutions – the Harley Street Institute and Derma Medical in London. These experiences equipped him with cutting-edge knowledge in aesthetic treatments, a skill he passionately incorporates into his practice.

A testament to his commitment to holistic well-being, Dr. Jordan trained in Skinpen, Hydrafacial and all BTL Aesthetics programmes as well as many others. This comprehensive training highlights his dedication to offering a range of aesthetic solutions, tailored to individual needs.

In the realm of sports, Dr. Jordan’s prowess is particularly evident. He shines as a waterpolo player with the esteemed Neptunes Waterpolo Club and further elevated his athletic career by playing at the highest level of the sport in one of Europe’s best leagues with A.S Roma. This experience not only honed his skills but also enriched his understanding of physical fitness and its pivotal role in overall health.

As the Co-Founder and Hub Director at Health and Co., Dr. Jordan merges his medical expertise, aesthetic training, and athletic discipline to provide a unique, comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Under his leadership, the clinic has become a beacon of excellence in health and aesthetic services.

Dr. Jordan’s journey is a powerful narrative of ambition, learning, and dedication, inspiring many in the fields of medicine, aesthetics, and sports.

Danilo, Hub Manager, Make-up & Brow Expert

Danilo is a highly experienced beauty professional with a strong focus on makeup and eyebrow styling. With 10 years of industry expertise, he has established himself as a renowned artist in the field. Originally from Italy, Danilo made the decision to move to Malta, where he quickly gained recognition and built a successful career. Now, he is taking on the role of clinic manager at Health and Co., bringing his wealth of knowledge and talent to lead the team to new heights.

Kate, Head Facial Beauty & Laser Therapist

Kate, a seasoned beauty therapist with a medical degree and an international ITEC LEVEL 3 beauty therapist diploma, began her career in emergency medicine at Riga Maternity Hospital. Transitioning seamlessly into cosmetology, she has spent the last 5 years honing her skills at a prominent dermatological clinic in Latvia. Now poised for a new chapter, Kate is set to assume the role of Head Facial Beauty & Laser Therapist at Health & Co. Her rich background blends medical expertise with a profound understanding of beauty, promising clients an unparalleled experience under her leadership. Kate’s journey is marked by a commitment to excellence in the realms of health and aesthetics.

Rodianne, Lead Hair Stylist & Founder of Innovations By Ro.

Meet Rodianne, the creative force behind Innovations by Ro, now at Mercury Tower. With years of hairstyling expertise, she’s recently opened a new salon, showcasing her dedication to top-notch hair services.

At Innovations by Ro, Rodianne caters to diverse clients—teens, busy moms, event-goers, and mature individuals. Her salon is a welcoming space for everyone.

What sets Rodianne apart is her commitment to open communication, prioritizing honesty in stylist-client relationships. Her move to Mercury Tower isn’t just a new location; it’s a strategic step forward, reflecting her vision for innovation in hairstyling.

Rodianne’s journey, marked by ambition and hard work, led to this prestigious salon opening. Happily married to Chris, and a mom of two, her positive spirit mirrors her deep passion for hairstyling.

As Innovations by Ro thrives, Rodianne remains dedicated to providing exceptional hairstyling services. The Mercury Tower salon is more than an expansion; it symbolizes Rodianne’s journey—marked by innovation, honesty, and love for hairstyling.

Toyah, Lead Nail Technician & Founder of Nail Impress by Toyah

Meet Toyah, a passionate individual who embarked on a creative journey at the young age of 13, turning a hobby into a lifelong pursuit. With determination and a thirst for knowledge, she engaged in numerous courses under the guidance of international educators.

Her journey evolved into a fulfilling role as an educator after she became certified, a process that led her all the way from Estonia with Mosaicprofessionails. Upon certification, she exclusively embraced this brand in her business, later becoming the sole distributor in Malta, driven by her unwavering belief in the excellence of this brand. Having mentored over 50 students, Toyah finds immense joy in sharing the wealth of knowledge acquired over the years. Last October, her expertise garnered recognition when she was selected among 16 other nail technicians from 300 applicants by the prestigious “The nail tech organization”. This led to the realization of her first-ever nail retreat, where managerial and marketing skills reached new heights.

With the mantra “always strive for better,” Toyah remains grounded and embraces new ideas and opportunities. Her story is not just about personal growth but also about inspiring others to reach for their best, embodying the spirit of continuous improvement.

Micaela, Lash Technician & Laser Therapist

Micaela Piazzi is an esteemed professional in the beauty industry, specializing in skin care, facial beauty, and hair removal. Renowned for her commitment to quality and excellence, she strives to create positive experiences for each client, ensuring their complete satisfaction. Micaela’s expertise and dedication to her craft make her a valuable asset to her team, consistently delivering exceptional service and enhancing the beauty and well-being of her clients.

Sophie, Operations Manager

Meet Sophie, a dynamic individual, blending her passion for water polo, academic excellence as a qualified physiotherapist from the University of Malta, and a background as an ex-dancer. From an early age, she dedicated herself to water polo, becoming a skilled player and embodying a commitment to physical well-being. Sophie’s journey includes a background in dance, showcasing her passion for varied forms of physical expression. Beyond her physical pursuits, she skillfully manages the realms of Operations & Social Media at Health and Co., showcasing a unique blend of professionalism and creativity. Sophie’s multifaceted expertise in physiotherapy, sports, and management, reflects her dedication to promoting health and fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

Jovana Attard, Marketing Manager

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, she is a versatile professional with a background in social work and a specialization in children and family therapy.

Having studied in both Belgrade and America, she embarked on a global journey, living and working in Serbia, America, South Africa, and Malta.

In South Africa, she transitioned her focus to marketing, delving into social media marketing, web development, and content creation, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to continuous growth.


Christabelle Camilleri’s business journey began with a strong academic background—a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accountancy. She showcased financial prowess at PwC before transitioning to an international role with a global airline at 25.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Christabelle became the CEO of V&C Group, steering the company into diverse sectors. Her notable venture was Health & Co, revolutionizing the beauty industry with an innovative, wellness-focused approach that resonated with consumers.

Beyond beauty, she founded Lil’Ville Childcare, displaying entrepreneurial versatility. Christabelle’s commitment to societal causes is evident through roles as Malta’s Ambassador for Mental Health and a Global Citizen Advocate. As the sole female on Malta’s Shark Tank Panel, she emerged as a role model, embodying resilience, intelligence, and a keen eye for business potential.