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Alama Professional Colour Conditioner (300ml)

Colour protection conditioner. Illuminates cosmetic colour by gently detangling the hair, providing softness and body. Protects against colour fading over

Alama Professional Colour Shampoo (500ml)

Colour maintenance shampoo. Ideal for coloured hair. Protects, enhances and intensifies the shine of cosmetic colour, extending its durability. Formula

Alama Professional Curl Conditioner (300ml)

Detangling and disciplining conditioner specific for curly hair. USAGE: Apply to towel dried hair and comb. Leave on 2-3 minutes,

Alama Professional Curl Shampoo (500ml)

Shampoo specific for curly hair. USAGE: Apply on wet hair, massage, then rinse. For a result of excellence use complementary

Alama Professional Elixir Serum (100ml)

Elisir Colour Serum  protects cosmetic colour against loss of intensity by enhancing and intensifying its brilliance over time and providing

Alama Professional Repair Bye Bye Split-Ends (100ml)

Re-compacts and seals cuticles, countering split ends. Promotes a restructuring action on brittle areas of the hair, providing strength and

Alama Professional Repair Conditioner (300ml)

Restructuring conditioner for dry and fragile hair. Deeply nourishes and restructures with immediate anti-frizz detangling action. Provides strength and tone.

Alama Professional Repair Miracle Fluid 5in1 (250ml)

5-action restructuring fluid: 1. Restructuring. 2. Heat-protective. 3. Brightening. 4. Eliminates and prevents split ends. 5. Leaves hair radiant and

Alama Professional Repair Shampoo (500ml)

Restructuring shampoo for damaged and brittle hair Promotes a restructuring action on depleted areas of the hair, providing strength and