Superfoods & Food Supplements for bones, joints and muscles, weight management, digestion & cleansing, beauty, immune system, wellbeing and energy, brain & concentration, sleep & nerves, heart & circulation and pregnancy & nursing mothers

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Advancis Biobacil

Advancis® Biobacil has a probiotic complex, with 10 selected strains, that improve intestinal flora, support immune system, prevent pathogenic microorganisms infections and promote

Advancis Flexijoints Plus

Advancis® Flexijoints Plus is a food supplement in tablets with a new ingredient, Native Type II Collagen, in association with

Advancis Omega-3 Super EPA

Advancis® Omega-3 Super EPA is a food supplement in the form of concentrated fish oil capsules with a high content of

Alkaline Care 16 Greens (220g)

A green smoothie, composed of 16 vegetables and plants that help to nourish and balance the body's pH.
220g jar, 90 doses.

Alkaline Care Liquid Chlorophyll (120ml)

Alkaline Care Chlorophyll Liquid 120ml helps oxygenate, regenerate and improve the quality of blood, with a great detox power on the body. Due to its high quality, concentration and purity, it helps exert great detox power in the body. It helps to oxygenate, regenerate and improve the quality of the blood. It favors the performance of the different organs of the body. It helps to balance blood glucose levels. It contributes to the elimination of heavy metals and toxins. It helps to avoid bad breath and flatulence. Alkaline Care Liquid Chlorophyll is unique in the market due to the high concentration of chlorophyll. 100% Natural, vegan and no additives.

Alkaline Care pHlush (15 sachets)

Lemon flavored pHlush is a unique combination of magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, sodium carbonate and bicarbonate, Vitamin C, L-Glutamine and other ingredients that act as a natural laxative, detoxifying, cleansing and alkalizing the intestinal tract and reducing metabolic acids.
pHlush is an excellent cleanser for the organs of your digestive system, improving their vitality and functioning.
It helps to purify and balance the pH of the digestive system in a non-aggressive way, respecting and caring for the intestinal flora.

Alkaline Care PuripHy (60ml)

Enjoy the benefits of alkaline water up to 9.5 wherever you are with just a few drops of PuripHy without altering its taste. You can also alkalize other beverages like coffee and tea.
Natural and suitable for vegans.

Altadrine® Appetite Control (x30 Capsules)

ALTADRINE APPETITE CONTROL increases and prolongs the feeling of satiety which results in a decrease in food consumption and in

Altadrine® Fat & Carb Blocker (x20 Sachets)

Altadrine Fat and Carb Blocker is a fibre drink which helps weight control by inhibiting carbohydrate breakdown and fat absorption. Altadrine

Altadrine® Fat Burners (x60 Tablets)

Altadrine Fat Burners are 100% pure tablets which act on the fat that is stored in the body, converting it

Altadrine® Thalasso Drink (x7 Sachets)

Altadrine Thalasso Drink is effective in stimulating metabolism and burning fat, as well as draining excess water and replacing the

Bio3 Fiber Solution Psyllium Fiber (Peach – x24 sticks)

Fiber, Fruits, Calcium and Vitamins. Mix the content into an glass of cold water or your favorite beverage, stir briskly