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Acnemy DRYZIT®

Cosmetic miracles do not exist but Dryzit® does and its formulation is the closest thing to magic. Its formula will end up with the typical pimple with pus in no time! The liquid at the top is formulated with Salicylic Acid, Zinc Oxide and Niacinamide that help remove residue and dead skin cells, while Calamine, the powder at the bottom of the bottle, reduces irritation and soothes the skin. Believe us, you'll be glad you signed Dryzit® for your squad to fight acne quickly. If the bottle gets stirred and content is shaken up, simply let bottle sit on a flat surface for up to 24h and wait for the ingredients to settle. The product's effectiveness is not affected.
When to use it:
Use it on zits with pus to dry them quickly. You can apply it to different zits at the same time. You can apply it after Zitcontrol®. Do not apply any product to that area subsequently. Do not use it on blind, under the skin pimples that do not have pus, for those we recommend Zitless®.
You can combine it with:
Zitless® if you have any internal pimples.


Oh great, the zit is gone! And what do we do with that red marks left by the zit? There is no need to worry about, because you have Postzit® in your squad. The serum is based on glycolic acid that minimizes post-pimple marks (hyperpigmentation), improves skin texture and unifies skin tone. And in case there are still any stubborn pimples in the area, we have added salicylic acid and quora noni PRCF the real hacker of the p.acnes bacteria, which causes acne, preventing them from reproducing and rebalancing the skin's microbiome.
Additionally, the acids contained in this formula are designed with Nichosome®, an exclusive system for the release of active ingredients that makes our products non-irritating to the skin, while carrying up to 12 times more of the active ingredient to the targeted skin area than when used without our ingredient delivery system (wow!) and thus incredibly enhancing the effectiveness of our formulas.
When to use it:
Use after Zitclean® and before Zicontrol® on the reddish marks that some pimples leave behind once they are gone.
You can combine it with:
Zitcontrol® to prevent the appearance of outbreaks and new pimples.


A quick-drying, oil-free, non-comedogenic spray created to treat body acne. Formulated with BHA and AHA acids, which help to dry out and gently exfoliate the skin without causing irritation, and lemon water, a natural exfoliant that helps to prevent the formation of blackheads.
Instructions for use:
Daily. Night/day. Apply sunscreen if used during the day on areas to be exposed to sunlight.


Discover Zitminis®, the discovery kit for a complete anti-acne routine for acne-prone skin that includes all five Acnemy essentials in mini format. The perfect set to try out the Acnemy products or to get your favorites in travel size and take them with you wherever you go.


Renew the look of your skin and fight acne breakouts with this new exfoliating soft peeling. A combination of AHA, BHA and PHA acids works as a skin-clearing action treatment for acne-prone skin, thus, gently exfoliating the skin, minimizing zit marks and unifying the skin tone.
Instructions for use: At night, 2 to 3 times a week or when there are persistent outbreaks. Previously clean the skin with Zitclean. Do not apply any product on top of it. Leave on overnight and remove the excess in the morning with Zitclean cleanser.
Patch test: When using for the first time, apply the product on a small area testing. Stop using the product if itchiness and irritation occur.

Bioderma Pigmentbio Night Renewer (50ml)

Bioderma Pigmentbio Night Renewer is a night cream that not only helps prevent and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentations but also boosts collagen production and cell renewal, lending you a plumped, radiant and youthful look in the morning.

Bioderma Sébium Night Peel (40ml)

Bioderma Sébium Night Peel is an overnight peeling product for combination to oily skin with blemishes. Tested under medical supervision, non-comedogenic and with a fragranced formula, the combination of its active ingredients allows a more unified complexion.

CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion (PM) (52ml)

CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion is a nourishing moisturizer for normal to dry skin that replenishes the skin barrier and soothes the skin.

Dew of the Gods® – FEELS Microdermabrasion Scrub

Diamonds are cold... gold is overrated. Silk is just a fabric, don’t pretend. FEEL what’s real. Magnesium oxide binds to a rich oat milk base to form the ultimate dry erase. Say goodbye to layers, years, and tears with our luxe dry erase facial scrub, formulated with fatty squalane to protect new skin while the old you washes away. Go on, catch the feels. Designed to be applied dry, the tiny magnesium oxide crystals are like no other scrub you've ever experienced. Say goodbye to your older sister's apricot scrub, and hello to Feels.

Dew of the Gods® – FIJIFUJI Collagen Vitamin Mask

Vitamin cocktail, anyone? That Fiji glow really hits different. Rich, luscious and thick electric kaolin infused with vegan collagen, vitamin-C and lychee extract brightens, tones and lifts your skin while restoring its natural bounce. Injected with hyaluronic acid, Fijifuji is all about that youthful, radiant glow — it’s a party in the tropics, and the vibe is Fiji-chic.

Dew of the Gods® – FILLA Collagen Under Eye Pads

Your eyes are the portal to your being; an indicator of wellness and the storyteller of a life well-lived. They’re also terrible liars, and everyone knows when you’re tired. But why inject when you can object — to dull, tired under eyes with the powerful bounce of hydrogel, collagen, vitamin-c and witch hazel to plump, lift and revitalize your look. It’s like an iced coffee for the soul, 30 minutes of bliss.

Dew of the Gods® – Filla PWRNAP Retinol Serum

Filler? No babe, you need Filla — and a pwr nap ✌️ She’s the venti cold brew of your dreams, and she works all night long. PWRNAP is a slow-release overnight mask formulated with a powerful retinol and Vitamin E blend to soothe, depuff and revive tired, dull undereyes while you sleep. An instant cooling, tingling effect washes over you to let you know she's working. Use every night as the top layer of your evening regimen for long-term volume training. Wash away in the morning with warm water.